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New Artwork!

2011-07-26 22:23:45 by strigonLeader

So I was bored and decided I wanted to draw something. Its just a quick little drawing took me about 3 hours and was modeled only vaguely off me. I had some good fun with it but I think I'm gonna try my bloody game to work for now.

So I'm back.

2011-06-12 00:45:54 by strigonLeader

I took a recess from creative pursuits for a while there but I'm back with a concept dragon and a trace of a friend of mine as his rhg character, =mc2.

New Art

2010-10-08 05:33:14 by strigonLeader

Made some new art. A cool strip which muses about teenage appearances and an illustration of my RHG meditating. On a more sad note Flash crashed today and seeing as I hadn't saved all day a whole days progress of my demo was scrapped. I've decided to instead do a trailer to my demo. It would still provide some nice visual entertainment and info on my RHG but not as epic as what I'm planning for my real demo. Anyway. I should also get some user pics and headers for my NG account. Look official.

RHG Demo

2010-09-26 20:53:33 by strigonLeader

Made some cool back ground for my demo! 3 graphics of a wall.

RHG Demo

2010-09-26 02:34:34 by strigonLeader

Demo is coming along nicely but the play loop is being a bitch.


2010-09-22 03:15:04 by strigonLeader

Making a demo for my RHG to be named Ikenna.

My First Flash!

2010-09-17 22:17:31 by strigonLeader

I've made a flash! It's primitive I know but considering that its my first I think it looks pretty good!